ThoughtWorks and ThoughtWorkers Against Covid-19

Let me first hope and pray that you, dear reader, are doing well. These are troubled times and hope is one of the tools we have in the fight.

Apart from hope, it is also resources and personnel which many of us have voluntarily deployed to help combat the virus and its impact. In this vein, many corporates are taking deep jabs at Covid-19. Some are donating materials while some are focussing on employees’ benefits. It is also not uncommon to see the employees creating various drives and initiatives to make things a little better.

I was seeing all these initiatives and drives, both employee-initiated and company-based throughout LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Being a part of ThoughtWorks India, I was keen to know what my employer would do to combat the impact of Covid. This curiosity was fuelled by both being new to the organisation and having heard stories about the social change ThoughtWorks is known to advocate.

A glimpse of ThougtWorks. Image Credits: Economic Times (

To my extreme delight and pride, ThoughtWorks India (TW) did a number of things to mitigate the impact of Covid. I don’t think I can highlight them all here, but even these, which are the ones I know, really make me proud. (Please know that this blog is not sponsored or even encouraged by ThoughtWorks. I felt a bit overwhelmed with the number of sensibility and sensitivity TW displayed at various levels.)

Fight Against Covid Group

I think there are more initiatives and drives that I may have missed. The key takeaway here, I believe, is that TW is truly Agile even in the aspect of employee centricity. Instead of having a fixed set of Covid policies to abide by, the firm is always listening to the micro and the macro voices to tweak them policies and soften the impact of Covid.



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Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek Mishra


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