Demo Anyone? Image credits: <a href=’'>Medical vector created by nizovatina —</a>

Demos have been around ever since the first person who invented the wheel sold it to the first other person. The art and science of orchestrating a demo is its own industry today (late night TV ads anyone?)

Customer demos are also commonplace in IT. In my stint so far…

ThoughtWorks and ThoughtWorkers Against Covid-19

Let me first hope and pray that you, dear reader, are doing well. These are troubled times and hope is one of the tools we have in the fight.

Apart from hope, it is also resources and personnel which many of us have voluntarily deployed…

Incense Sticks Paving the Way to Good Design (image credits: <a href=’'>People photo created by freestockcenter —</a>)

“A thing of beautiful design is a joy forever”

The greatest designs that I have seen are so simply beautiful and elegant and more important than all, useful. It just brings joy to everyone!

This little epiphany comes from a small incident today.

My mother-in-law and I visited a local…

Abhishek Mishra

Product analyst. Agile enthusiast. ThoughtWorker. Wrote a book. Behind 9 products gone live!

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